Sunday, June 30, 2013


The Statist Drift

...Beyond sides.

As a right winger (a person who believes in limited constitutional government, the rule of law, and individualism), I'm not too happy with the course of events as we drift progressively (pun intended) further into the left wing nirvana of the socialist welfare state. A few of the more wise and honest on the left are justly a bit unsettled by manifestations of this as well, as they can discern the common threat to all from a powerful centralized state. It's one thing to want a dreamland "where all are cared for" and quite another to know the dream-state finds it necessary to monitor all communications, target political enemies, and proclaim their "right" to not answer questions before the people's elected body regarding their own corruptions, deceptions, and power plays.

To be sure, Obama and the Demo-comm party have manifested all the fears we on the right have of a monolithic state overextended in its intrusions upon free people. While the contemporary clique' of entrenched leftism has been more than successful in imposing their vision, the monster they've helped to create is beyond party or sides of a political spectrum. The statist bureaucracy really doesn't care about little things like political parties. The state cares about...the state. While some may find it fanciful to anthropomorphize government, it does have a certain will of its own, not only to self-preservation but to amassing power beyond any attempts to oppose it.

The congress won't give Obama what he wants regarding "climate change" so he's going to do it himself through decrees no different in character than what a king may command. He does it because he can, because a bureaucratic state stands to benefit and will comply with any "order" to self-perpetuate. Rest assured that a decree to the minions of state to disband or relinquish power would not be met with such "obedience."

Generally, leftism is the current best vehicle for implementing what the state wishes for its own aggrandizement of power. Various styles of traditionalism, nationalism, and other alignments misnamed as "right-wing," could just as easily fulfill the dreams of the mega-state.

Only a fool, on any point of a political spectrum, would fail to see that the unbridled growth of government authority will be a bad thing for all.

On another somewhat related note, while we've all heard of the NSA's new massive facility in Utah (set to "open" soon), why have we not heard of any prominent politician or journalist calling for its immediate end?

Right now, Obama, the Demo-comms, and "progressives" rule with virtually no effective opposition. Perhaps the pendulum will later swing but, it doesn't matter. The state has more than a foot in the door, and a majority population that could say "No!" and defund the beast is nowhere to be found.

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